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Clogged Drain Pipe

Clogged Drain Pipe

Clogged Drain Pipe Solutions in Central & Northern New Jersey & Staten Island, NY

When the water seeping in the ground during rain has nowhere to go, it eventually finds its way into the basement. Clogged drain pipes means the excess water in the yard is not being drained which will lead to a wet basement, bringing all the unhygienic problems along with it. Tri-State Sump Pump Geeks help you recover from such situations and help you achieve a healthy basement.


Professional Drainage Systems by Tri-State Sump Pump Geeks

Tri-State Sump Pump Geeks is the largest network of industry-grade professionals dedicated to wet basement problems. We recognize clogged drain pipes as a major problem for wet basements. We strive to give you the best waterproofing drainage system as your local waterproofing expert. 

We proudly serve Union, Middlesex, Monmouth, Essex, Morris, Somerset, Bergen, Passaic and many other counties in NJ as well as Richmond County Staten Island NY. Call us today!

Clogged drains also lead to wall & floor leaks that cause mold problems along with structural damage. Tri-State Sump Pump Geeks offers detailed basement seepage inspections and evaluates all the causes of basement leaks to provide you with a dry & healthy basement environment.

If you need your clogged drain pipe problem fixed, call the Sump Pump Geeks today at 908-494-2027.

Causes of Clogged Drain Pipes in Central & Northern New Jersey & Staten Island, NY

The main problem with exterior drainage systems is that they are prone to clogs as dirt in the soil can easily enter the pipes and make the system ineffective.

– during exterior drain installation, improper technique could lead the drainage to crush during the excavation process, hindering the drainage system.

– overtime particles like dirt, silt, little rocks and many others enter the drainage pipes along with water, gradually form layers of sediment which eventually blocks the pipes.

Recover from Clogged Drain Pipe Damages and Issues With Tri-State Sump Pump Geeks

Tri-State Sump Pump Geeks Offer Effective & Clog-Free Drainage System for Your Home

Exterior drainage systems clog often. Tri-State Sump Pump Geeks offer clog-free drainage systems engineered to basement dry even during the wettest springs.
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